Booty Basics

Booty Basics is in session!

For guys who like guys (trans and cis) aged 18 and above, and non-binary people who read themselves into the space.

This face-to-face session runs over four weeks and is designed to provide individuals with the tools and confidence to engage in intimate activities!

The workshop explores the below topics across the four sessions:

  • Sexual attitudes and perspectives
  • Practicing safe sex and the importance of preventing HIV and STIs
  • Anatomy and health of the anus
  • Preparatory measures
  • Basic understanding of receptive sexual activity
  • Maximising pleasure and intimacy through positions
  • Toys

ACON's peer facilitators ensure that each session is enjoyable, educational, and promotes a healthy attitude towards sexual relationships.

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Location: ACON Sydney, 414 Elizabeth Street, Surry Hills, NSW 2010

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