ACON is wishing to speak with LGBTQ+SB people aged 30-59 years. We are running online focus testing and invite you to join and provide feedback on proposed campaign concepts. This research will help us develop a new health campaign for the LGBTQ+SB community. 

The online focus testing session will take approximately 60 minutes to complete. There are several dates that the focus testing sessions will run on, but you will only need to participate in one session. Upon completion of the session, each participant will receive a $40 gift voucher.

What to expect: Participants will join online via a provided link, be shown proposed campaign concepts and messaging, and be asked to provide commentary. A researcher will facilitate the session.

If you would like to express your interest in participating, please complete the form below. To help ensure we include diverse representation from the community, all submissions will be reviewed. Someone from our team will contact you to confirm your attendance.

Note: A 2nd phase of focus testing for this campaign development will take place in a few months. Please let us know in the form below if you are happy to be contacted to participate in the 2nd phase of focus testing as well. Participants in the 2nd phase of focus testing will receive a $60 voucher.


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