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Thank you for applying to volunteer with ACON. Volunteer intake and dates for our various projects occur regularly throughout the year. We'll keep you updated when training dates are approaching. Places are limited during intake and selection is based on selection criteria and skills. 

We have a number of ongoing projects and regions that require volunteers. Below are descriptions and the registration form.


Sydney Events  We hold several fundraising and community events throughout the year and we often need volunteers to help run them. These include Bingay (monthly), Sydney Candlelight Memorial (May), Vivid (May-June), Honour Awards (September) and the Red Ribbon Appeal (December).  
Sydney Alcohol and Other Drugs (Rovers) The ACON Rovers are a team of fun loving volunteers who provide support and information at major LGBTI parties and events for party goers. Each ACON Rover is trained, supervised and equipped to help party goers enjoy themselves and party safely.
Community Visitors Scheme  Trained volunteers provide companionship to help reduce social isolation felt by older members of LGBTI communities. These regular one on one visits to elderly people in their own homes may include having a chat over a cuppa, listening to some music, joining them in a hobby or game. 
Sydney Gay Men's Education  This is a peer-education project for gay men helping and working with other gay men and is based in Sydney. Please only apply if you suit this project. 
Sydney Young Men's Peer Support  This is a peer-education project for 26 year old and under men helping and working with other young men and is based in Sydney. Please only apply if you suit this project. 
Sydney Safe-sex Packers (Mature Gay Men)  This is a social volunteer project for mature gay men aged 40 year old and over helping to pack safe-sex packs for our health promotion. Please only apply if you suit this project.
Aboriginal Project This is a peer-education project for Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander people helping and working with other Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander people and is based in Sydney. Please only apply if you suit this project.
Sydney Asian Men's Project  This is a peer-education project for Asian men helping and working with other Asian men and is based in Sydney. Please only apply if you suit this project. 
Sydney Community Support Network (Home-based care)  Trained volunteers provide practical assistance to help people with HIV live as independently as possible in their own homes. Services include basic cleaning, grocery shopping and doing the laundry. 
Claude Outreach (Women)  iloveClaude (Claude) is a creative and sex positive sexual health project for lesbians and same sex attracted women who play in the Kink scene. The project aims to ensure all women have access to relevant sexual health information to help them make positive health decisions to minimise their risk of sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and blood-borne viruses (BBVs). Claude is an online resource but we also facilitate practice (sex / BDSM) based workshops, events and outreach at venues state-wide. Volunteers help us to put together safe sex packs, do outreach at events and help out at workshops and creative projects. As Claude is a project for women, we cannot accept applications from male volunteers. However if you identify as a woman or gender queer: be welcome. 
Pride In Diversity (PID)  Pride in Diversity is Australia’s first and only national not-for-profit employer support program for all aspects of LGBTI workplace inclusion. Specialists in HR, organisational change and workplace diversity, Pride in Diversity has established itself as an internationally recognised program and a partner to many LGBTI employer support organisations across the globe.
Tradies The Tradies made their debut at Fair Day 2012 and have been a force since then. The uniform of the tradie is a high viz singlet, footy shorts and work boots. The guys made quite an impact at the Mardi Gras events this year and continued the tradition of the original team by handing out safe packs and helping educate the community about the continuing importance of using condoms as part of a defense against HIV.
The LOVE Project

The LOVE Project is an ACON initiative aimed at creating better conversations and improved social engagement with older lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex community members. The LOVE health promotion team welcomes volunteers to help out with our events and gives you the opportunity to interact with other members of your community.

Northern Rivers Volunteers All volunteers including Lismore, Byron Bay to the Queensland border.
Hunter Region Volunteers All volunteers including Newcastle, the Central Coast and the Blue Mountains.
Regional Outreach Volunteers All volunteers including Wollongong, the South Coast to South Western NSW.
Sydney Women Porject ACON’s “Here for Women” team run social events, info sessions, health promotion activities, conferences, film nights, photo shoots and more! We always need volunteers, so if you are a lesbian, bisexual, queer or same sex attracted woman, we would love to have you on board. Transgender, genderqueer and intersex women always welcome. If you need more info on our projects, contact women@acon.org.au

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