Online Sessions - Wellness Wednesdays

Wellness Wednesday is an ACON run initiative that aims to provide LGBTQ community members with an hour each week that they can dedicate to themselves for self-care. This initiative also aims to connect community members to LGBTQ specific and community run services that aim to support their wellbeing.

Our hope is by taking part each week you will walk away from the session feeling refreshed and with some tools that you might like to use as a part of your weekly wellbeing routine. Our community partners are also doing a lot of work online now so if you like a session you can stay connected well after ACON’s session.

Running for four weeks and completely FREE we can’t wait to see you there!

Please note that this will be a public session that is held on Zoom Webinar, so we won’t be asking community members to share their webcams or microphones. So, you don’t need to worry about changing out of your PJ’s to take part!


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