ACON Statement On Arrest Of Suspect In Raymond Keam Case

The following is a statement from Nicolas Parkhill, CEO of NSW LGBTQ health organisation, ACON, on the arrest of a suspect in the case of Raymond Keam on 18 August 2021:

“While ACON cannot comment on the details of this arrest, this has been a long and difficult journey for the family and loved ones of Raymond Keam, including his wife and four children. 

“We are hopeful of now moving a step further in understanding the truth behind what happened to Mr Keam in Alison Park in Randwick in 1987.   

“Mr Keam’s death occurred during a dark and violent period in Sydney’s history. An epidemic of violence, motivated by bias and hate, swept through Sydney and NSW during the 1970s to 1990s, leaving a legacy of pain, grief and trauma.   

“There remain dozens more cases from this time that are unsolved, leaving many families and loved ones without answers or resolution. While this is a significant development in this particular case, it highlights the need for ongoing investigation, truth-telling and the delivery of justice for so many other victims of hate crimes, who were murdered or bashed in similar cases in NSW.

“We know that there are still people out there with vital information that can assist with ongoing inquiries. We commend the NSW Police Force for continuing to investigate this case, as well as the NSW Government for committing to a $1 million reward in 2020 for information on Mr Keam’s murder. 

“Knowing the truth is vital in order to achieve justice and healing. As such, ACON renews its calls for a judicial inquiry into unsolved hate crimes, as recommended in the final report of the NSW Parliamentary Inquiry handed down in May earlier this year.”


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