欢迎来到COVID说!  我们将会邀请大家一起用中文聊聊如何在保持社交距离期间交友和健康,同时我们要一起讨论疫苗,自我照顾以及如何在疫情期间相互扶持。

欢迎男同志、双性恋、酷儿 (顺性别和跨性别)来参加活动和交流彼此的想法。

请填写以下报名表。如有问题,请联系[email protected]

These two-week Covid Chat sessions are for Mandarin speaking gay, bi+ and queer guys (cis and trans) to connect with each other. We will cover what dating and health while we're social distancing. Also, we will talk about COVID vaccines, self-care, how we can support each together.

Please fill out the expression of interest form below. If you have any questions, please contact us at [email protected].

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