Finding Mr Right Now

Learn new tips and tricks when cruising, hooking up, or surfing the dating apps.

In this one-day FREE masterclass, you will learn how to create and perfect your pick-up game. Think rolling on the floor laughing, discussions, a bunch of activities, and advice and guidance to help you find your Mr. Right Now.

We will cover:

  • How to create a profile that best represents you!
  • Learning how to stay safe whilst not killing the buzz.
  • Find out how PrEP, UVL and Condoms can enhance your sex life.
  • Hook-up etiquette – such as how to start or end a hook-up sesh. 
  • When and how to disclose.

After the fun and games, we’ll be heading over to a pub nearby.

Time and Date: Thursday the 23 June – 5:30 pm till 9:30 pm.

Location: 414 Elizabeth Street, Surry Hills

This quick intake form below will ask you some basic questions to confirm that you are able to take part.

Once you complete the form, one of our project officers will be able to get in touch with details.

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