MPXV (Monkeypox) Vaccinations

Page updated: 27 October 2022


MPXV (Monkeypox) Vaccinations: Information for LGBTQ+ communities in NSW

This page contains information about the MPXV vaccine and a link to NSW Health to book for your vaccination.

It is important however that our community stays informed about how MPXV is transmitted and what we can do to prevent MPXV. ACON is providing frequently updating information to help our communities make informed decisions. You can access that information here.



23 November 2022


ACON and our partner NSW Health thank our communities for their patience in accessing the JYNNEOS MPXV vaccine.

In October 2022, more people will easier access to NSW’s vaccination program following an expansion of eligibility criteria, more vaccination sites and a self-managed online booking system.

All sexually active gay, bisexual men and men who have sex with men (cis and trans), as well as anyone who has sex with these men, including women (cis and trans), and non-binary people, and sex workers are now be eligible to get the vaccine.

NSW Health have also launched a new online booking system allowing people to make appointments online privately and securely, and they have established more temporary MPXV vaccination sites across the state, including regional NSW.

There is a limited number of appointments and vaccine supply available, so we encourage you to book ASAP if you meet the eligibility criteria. If you miss out, please keep checking this page for further updates.

Book your free MPXV vaccine via NSW Health


FAQ: Frequently asked questions about MPXV vaccines


The JYNNEOS vaccine is the vaccine being offered to community members during the MPXV vaccination program. It is a two-dose vaccine and is safe to use in people who are immunocompromised. 

For optimal protection in people at high risk of MPXV, two doses of the vaccine are required, at a minimum of 28 days apart. Maximum protection is reached around two weeks after the second dose and likely persists for years.

There are currently no known increased risks for people living with HIV. People who are eligible to receive the JYNNEOS vaccine are urged to get vaccinated, as supply allows. 


Who is eligible for the JYNNEOS vaccine?

Vaccine supply is currently limited due to global demand.

The eligibility criteria to receive the monkeypox vaccine has been expanded in NSW.

People eligible to receive the vaccine are gay and bisexual men (cis and trans) with multiple or casual sexual partners and anyone who has sex with these men, including women (cis and trans) and non-binary people.

If this criteria applies to you, you can book your vaccine at one of the clinics listed on the NSW Health website.

If you are not yet eligible for the vaccine, please continue to check this page for the latest information on the vaccine rollout in NSW. We thank you for your patience.


Do I need a Medicare card to receive the vaccine?

No. While some vaccination sites may ask you to bring a Medicare card along to your appointment, MPXV vaccines are available at no charge to everyone regardless of their Medicare status.


I am planning to travel overseas. Should I get the JYNNEOS vaccine?

People who are deemed at high risk of MPXV infection – such as gay, bisexual and other men who have sex with men that have a history of multiple sexual partners – who are planning to travel to a country with a significant MPXV outbreak should get vaccinated.  

But be sure you plan early and to take into account the limited supply. You will need at least four weeks between your two doses, and another two weeks after your second dose to get full protection from the vaccines.

It is important to be self-aware of your health at all times, including after being vaccinated.

If you develop any symptoms, particularly an unusual rash, lesions or sores, seek medical advice immediately. Call the NSW Sexual Health Infolink on 1800 451 624 or call your GP or local sexual health clinic via phone or telehealth.


I think I may have been exposed to/have symptoms of MPXV. Am I eligible for the JYNNEOS vaccine?

Anyone categorised by public health authorities as a high risk MPXV contact should get the vaccine. Speak to your GP or healthcare professional about vaccine access if you are a close contact. 

If you have symptoms of MPXV it is important to speak to a healthcare provider first before accessing a vaccine appointment. Contact your regular healthcare provider and let them know before attending that you might be experiencing symptoms.

Monitor for symptoms and if you develop any symptoms, particularly an unusual rash, lesions or sores, seek medical advice immediately. Call the NSW Sexual Health Infolink on 1800 451 624 or call your GP or local sexual health clinic via phone or telehealth.


I’ve had my first dose of the MPXV vaccine. When do I get my second dose?

The JYNNEOS vaccine is given as a two-dose vaccine with each dose given at least 28 days apart. However, at this time, due to limited supply in NSW, you may receive your second dose after this period. The clinic you attended will contact you when it is time for your next dose.

If you received your first dose at a NSW Health vaccination site, you do not need to register again online. You will be contacted.

Please be patient as we wait for more vaccines to arrive. With the currently limited supply, NSW Health are working to get as many first doses administered to those at high risk of MPXV.

Continue to take steps to reduce your risk of exposure to MPXV, even if you have already received one dose. Once you have been vaccinated, you should continue to protect yourself by avoiding direct skin-to-skin contact, including sex or other intimate contact, as well as items such as bedding or towels with a person who has MPXV.


Are more supplies of the JYNNEOS vaccine on their way?

Yes. The federal and state governments are working to secure more supplies of the vaccine. As more vaccines become available, more people can get vaccinated against MPXV.


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