New Resilience Toolkit Launched To Support And Empower Trans And Gender Diverse People

TransHub, ACON’s award-winning digital information and support platform for trans people of all genders, has launched an online toolkit of resources for the trans community aimed at building resilience, community connection and an understanding of the community’s history. 

The Trans Vitality Toolkit is the next component of ACON’s Trans Vitality resilience-building program for all trans adults (binary and non-binary) in NSW. It focuses on trans people supporting themselves and their communities, and centres self-determination, autonomy and agency, while uplifting trans voices.  

Launched during October’s Mental Health Month, the Trans Vitality Toolkit consists of self-led activities and content that has been created by ACON’s Trans Health Equity team, with a goal of empowering and supporting the mental health of trans people at its heart. 

Developed to build capacity and resilience for our trans communities, the Trans Vitality Toolkit places an emphasis on self-determination, agency, and liberation of trans communities,” Acting Manager of Trans Heath Equity at ACON, Liz Duck-Chong said. 

“Improving the mental health of trans communities is so central to TransHub’s work, the lessons learned from the Trans Vitality workshops tell us the best way we can achieve this is through an approach that emphasises trans-lead work that builds on our collective strength. 

“While we know that trans liberation depends on the structural reforms needed to enable trans people to live free and equal in every community we are part of, the path to trans liberation also needs strong, connected and resilient trans people.” 

The Toolkit includes information, activities, and resources to help build resilience, connection, and a greater understanding of trans history. It exists alongside the rest of the Trans Vitality program, a peer-education and capacity-building program for all trans people in NSW, which includes virtual peer workshops and online community training, and eLearning for mental health and crisis services. 

ACON CEO Nicolas Parkhill said that the Trans Vitality Toolkit and program are significant in supporting trans people and improving ACON and TransHub’s work in improving the mental health outcomes of trans people: “This powerful new toolkit offers trans people the tools and information needed to help support, nurture and affirm their wellbeing.” 

Duck-Chong added: “No matter how someone’s trans experience, identity, history or expression manifests, each of us deserves to not only be safe from discrimination, harm, violence and abuse, but have the freedom and ability to empower ourselves and support our loved ones. 

“Part of building our community’s resilience and liberation depends so much on understanding where we have come from, and the long, enduring histories that we have shared for generations. Trans people have been part of the history of every culture, including Australia which is home to Indigenous Sistergirls and Brotherboys, some of the longest living trans cultures on Earth. 

“With the Trans Vitality Toolkit, building this greater understanding of our history, along with being able to connect to community in a greater, more engaged way, will help to strengthen our trans communities so that we can continue celebrating, uplifting and affirming one another.” 

The Trans Vitality program, including the Toolkit, is funded by NSW Health. 

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