Chloe and Zeek’s Story

Chloe and Zeek are partners from the Hunter region of NSW. Chloe is Zeek’s official carer, but here they share their experiences of supporting each other and being supported by their friends. Zeek and Chloe have a number of supports they draw on to maintain good mental health, both formal... Read more

Victoria and Skye's Story

Victoria and Skye are both transgender women who are active in the arts and entertainment communities in Darlinghurst. Here they talk about their care for each other, and how they support each other to have good mental health. Victoria and Skye have a friendship built on listening and trusting each... Read more

Teacosy’s Story

Teacosy is the Tropical Fruits queer historian, and a part of the Radical Faerie community in the Northern Rivers. Here, he talks about his supportive community. Up until a recent sea change, Teacosy had spent the last 20 years living on the Faerie Land community sanctuary with a small group... Read more

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