Jazmin's Story

Content warning: discussion of suicide, transphobia and police violence Jazmin Theadora is an 82-year-old transgender woman living in the Northern Rivers region of NSW. This is the story of her experiences with mental health and tenacity in the face of adversity, as well as her advice for building strength, resilience,... Read more

Annaliese's Story

Annaliese is a 39-year-old performer with lived experience of mental distress. Here she shares some of her experiences, and how she manages them. “I guess if my career was based on my mental distress, let’s just say I’d be the CEO.” Annaliese is able to see the lighter side of... Read more

Bobby's Story

Bobby is a 35-year-old proud Wiradjuri man living in Albury-Wodonga. Here he shares some of his experiences of distress, how he copes, and how he supports others. For Bobby, good mental health is all about connection. He describes it as a tree with a giant root system that connects everything:... Read more

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